The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has the word "freedom" 19 times only in the articles, and the first sentence of the Article I is: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.". After read that, everyone could think that we are in a world which guarantees our rights. But, is it real?

In all around the world every day we are fighting against system which cut our freedom, different ones like: speech, belief, expression, thought, religion, press, sexuality, etc.

But, what about the freedom to decide where to live?. The borders were built to have a better organization into each land not to create division into the people. This people make a huge journey for almost one year, looking for a safe place to their families, where they could sleep in peaceful and wake up because of the sunshine and not because of the war noise.

Because I am living in Vienna I have an overview of the reality of the refugees from Syria and to know that Austrian people welcome refugees. The first biggest peaceful demonstration about the support from Austrian people to refugees was in 31th August, thousands of people from different cultures, ethnic groups and languages, all together walking, screaming and singing through Mariahilferstrasse with the same aim; ask to Austria´s government to open borders to refugees from Syria. The next day Austria opened the borders to refugees.

Each day I walk through Westbanhof Train Station and I can see the moment when refugees change the train, the most of the refugees are men, followed by families with young children. All people are looking forward to be in Germany. I feel really proud to be in this country now, and experience the kindness of Austrian and German people. They welcome with food, clothes and especially with smiles and claps. I would like to thank to the Red Cross, who are giving health support into the trains before departure; to the Police, who are maintaining everything in order in the arrival area, to the Caritas Foundation, who are giving food and supplies to everyone and specially to Austrian and foreign people, who decide to help in different ways like bringing food, clothes or work as a volunteers and translators.

Heifer Ecuador

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