December month of changes, it is not only the season also the people. A new experience, which reminded me the innocence of a child,  and the terrific and magic side of December.

In Austria in the night of 5th of December there is a traditional festival San Nicolas and Krampus. The story said that on 5th of December, they visit each family to ask how the behavior of the children was during the year, then Krampus get the bad children in his back bag and bring them to the hell and after he eats them. San Nicolas in the other side gives candies and peanuts to the good children.


Nowadays specially in Salzburg, San Nicolas and Krampus is only a show where Krampus make people afraid, hitting them with special branches, well, I had the opportunity to experience this kind of afraid and this pain stayed in my leg for three days, so after looked almost one hundred Krampus hitting people I realized that they took their job really serious.

In the other hand the 4th of December people cut some top branches of cherries, the moment is really special, when they keep it into a beautiful vase they also placed delicate ornaments in this branches, they believe that if this branches flourish in Christmas everything in the new year will be good for all the family, but if not maybe there will be some difficulties.

Christmas markets give you first quality handmade work from all over Austria and in some cases from other countries, I could see work from Perú, Colombia and Bolivia, unfortunately I couldn’t find an Ecuadorian work "ningún paisano". The most beautiful details of these markets are the lights and the forms.


December couldn’t be finished without snow, the white color month, proud to see this natural change, where everything turns into white and bright. The smiles of the children suggest funny moments; in fact I was thinking that they will have part of this because of me, when I tried ice-skating. But again the children surprised me, they turned into the best teacher specially when is about the confidence, thanks to them I realized that land-skating is quite similar and I had an awesome first ice-skating experience.

I have to tell the true, I missed too much Ecuador on 31st of December, in Austria awesome fireworks but was missing the essence of our Old Year specially the widows, however with my ladyes I always find a way to feel perfect. Schneemann-Zeit :).



Heifer Ecuador

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