Early in the morning our journey started, with smiled faces and full of energy bodies, we started to go into the forest. It was my opportunity to meet my little souls in the daily life, Being honest, I was a bit afraid about how I could manage many events that came to my mind the night before, fortunately our biggest deal was a painful knee, which overcome really fast to start running again.

Making jokes into the bus and sing songs like: "I know a song that gets on everybody´s nerves and this is how it goes" German version "Ich kenn´ ein Lied das geht jedem auf dir Nerven", the trip was getting amused.

I got surprised when some boys decided to sleep in the girl´s room, obviously the quietest room. Maybe they already have some experience in this. After some fairy tales everyone were into bed or as we said in Ecuador "todos en el sobre".

The forest looks quiet and a perfect place to hide. Why not create a house where only with special permission you could be in.  Every tree, stone or any other wild visitor were perfect setting to create and live experience with adrenaline that only children could have without afraid. Climbing, running, helping each other, playing and laughing the night were coming.


One of the most important times "Essen". The delicious food was appreciated and judged by the finest palates, my special dish "Papas con salsa de maní" - potatoes with peanut sauce, received a good punctuation after knowing that the pot was empty.

The "Langerfeuer", the most expected moment for the children where the creativity, work team and technique let you eat a delicious marshmallows, sausages, vegetables and cheese at grill. But the riddles and the horror stories were the key to keep the attention of them.


The time past to fast and I enjoyed too much, because I didn’t notice that we finished our time in the forest. Full of great experiences, memories and pleasure to be into the forest, the journey finished and we went back home.




Heifer Ecuador

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