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Pais: Ecuador


I was very excited for being able to go to the actual middle of the world, the equator!

On friday (Sep. 4) our whole group of volunteers went to the Mitad del Mundo monument. We had to pay $3,50 to enter this little touristic village “Ciudad Mitad del Mundo” where we all took some very good pictures. The equator line was probably the best attraction, everybody wanted to stand on it, in one half of it or with each foot in south and north at the same time. It was just so exciting to think that you are actually standing in either half of the world; North or South!

Well, that’s what we thought….

After eating lunch, some of us went on because we wanted to see the real Middle of the world. Yes, there is another one 240m north of the big monument. Why? Because the French didn’t calculate the exact position in 1736. It was still a great job they did, when you imagine that they didn’t have any technology! With GPS humans were able to calculate the exact position of the equator line and the real middle of the world. That was where we went and just had an awesome time!!!

As we entered this little outside area of a great exhibition it already looked way more natural and Ecuadorean as the other one before. We got our personal guide who told us a lot about the Ecuadorean culture (especially in the past), gave us detailed explanations about the world, the sun and much more. Everything was so interesting, but the best parts were the experiments!

Our guide told us about the direction water spins when it goes down the drain in either half of the world. In the north it spins counterclockwise, in the south clockwise and on the equator not at all. We actually tried it and I couldn’t believe what I saw! It was true, that’s exactly what the water did and it changed directions everytime we just moved 2m from the equator line!!!
We tried to balance an egg on a nail while standing with one foot in the north and with the other one in the south. It was not easy but when our guide said that we would get a certificate if we can do it, I was very motivated and was really able to do it after concentrating very hard. :)
Next, we had to try to press our thumb and index finger together while someone else tried to get them seperated. In the north and the south (just 1-2m away from the line) it was really hard to get them apart. But then we had to stand on the line and try it again, that was when it got very hard to press them together, they got seperated after 2 seconds! CRAZY!!! We did the same with our arms, holding them up above our heads with closed hands while someone tried to push them down.
And in the last experiment we had to balance on the line with our eyes closed. That was so hard because you could feel the forces of both hemispheres, trying to get you on their half.

Afterwards we went on and learnt about chocolate. Ecuador actually has the DNA of chocolate because nowhere else in the world you can find as many different cocoa beans as here! We even were allowed to try the real chocolate which tasted just amazingly good!!! If you ever want to try the best chocolate of the world (rated for the past 3 years) then get PACARI chocolate from Ecuador ;)

To finish up we took some more creative pictures on the real equator line and I found out something while meditating and doing YOGA on the line:

“Where can you really find YOUR middle? Just by doing YOGA on the equator!!!”

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