I have experienced the colors of the nature in Ecuador, but never the colors of the months. Autumn has such a great colors. The paintings or the pictures never show the awesome real landscapes. I am in love with your colors and all your different  shades, a real description how the nature never stop to change, never stop to work and never stop to feel. See the red color in the trees not only as small dots also as a full tree. The orange leaves makes the landscape awesome and magic. How all the colors are fix together, only the nature makes it possible.

The change of the weather started to make me feel cold, the clothes are not enough anymore, each day I have to dress more and more clothes, when I saw the faces of the children I can see only their smiles. everything is hide for pieces of wool. The heating starts to be necessary and only few minutes with the window open could froze you, if you are close enough. The food started to be sweeter to give more energy to the children, actually I really enjoy this change I love sweet staff.

Even the cold weather, my heart starts to be warmer. At this point my experience has taught me the value of the family and real friendship. I have learnt that even of the different languages, cultures, religion, political views personal position in many aspects, something that keeps people together is the love, tolerance and respect. Now, I could feel that the friends which I made here, will be in my heart forever.

I miss the colors of Ecuador, but definitely the colors of Austria showed me an splendid side of the world.




Heifer Ecuador

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